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Fast Today For A
Healthier Tomorrow

Micheal Phillips wants to help the masses adopt better eating habits while keeping their weight in check. Through his book, Fasting, he reveals intermittent fasting as a healthy yet quickest way to burn calories.

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About Micheal Phillips

Micheal Has Also Been on the Wrong Side of the Buffet Table

Micheal’s health was deteriorating quickly. That’s when he realized that he had to step up, not for anyone else, but for his sake. He wanted to lead a prosperous and healthier lifestyle, and fasting was the only way to do that. That’s when his healing journey began!

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Want to Reclaim Your Youth? Take the First Step NOW!

By now, you might have read all the best books on fasting out there. But these books are always lacking one thing or the other.
FASTING – The NEW YOU(th) Behind the Science and Research of FASTING to Become Happier and Healthier is a definitive guide to help readers unlock their true potential.
Our eating habits can get the better of us, and the only way to ensure this is to be mindful of our intake. Micheal’s book explains the importance of intermittent fasting and how we can enjoy our favorite meals in a disciplined manner.

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