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Micheal’s Journey in His Voice

What does it mean to lead a healthier and happier life? It’s not having six packs or running every day. It’s about
every part of your body functioning to perfection, even as you grow. That’s what Micheal Phillips’s journey has
been all about.

Before Micheal wrote his book, FASTING: The NEW YOU(th) Behind the Science and Research of FASTING to
Become Happier and Healthier, he was in a difficult position. He felt crippling pain in his knees while his lungs felt
drained of air. The doctor performed all the routine tests and prescribed appropriate medications. Unfortunately,
the chronic pain seeped through to the kidneys, but not enough to warrant surgery. That’s when Micheal decided
to take control of his habits.

Micheal Phillips’ Fasting is a book helping people understand intermittent fasting in depth and how it can change
their lives forever.

The Routine That Changed Micheal’s Life

After hearing the diagnosis, Micheal decided to avoid surgery at all costs. Even if it meant detoxifying himself, he started a routine that helped improve his immune system and metabolism.

That’s when intermittent fasting came into the frame.

It completely changed his life. Now, to help others, he’s taken the next step. Through his book about intermittent fasting, author Micheal Phillips helps readers improve their lives.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the first step toward your healthier future and order your copy of the book today!